Quinn Horton

Bachelor (Honours) and Master of Engineering student with a Mechatronics field of study at the University of Queensland.

My Projects


A programming language initially developed in roughly 40 hours for the 2023 UQCS Hackathon. The project is essentially a custom language (ratlab) to rust transpiler built in rust. Built alongside Jay Hunter, this was both of our first effort with compilation / transpilation. This project was awarded the 'Most Masochistic' prize.


Mechatronics Team Project 1, was tasked as part of a team of 4 to create a prototype system to transport a payload across a chasm using a slackline as per the 2022 Warman Challenge brief.


Created in 44 hours alongside Kevin Luo for the 2022 UQCS Hackathon. Backstab was both of our first attempt using the Unity Game Engine. Served as a great opportunity for high-speed learning.

Point By Point

A less polished website than below, but far more functional. Built as a platform intended to house a library of QCE subject related content. Houses a functioning user system, database-populated content, and Stripe payment integration (not live).

Tutoring Website

Created when I first started private tutoring as a means to display my credentials and pricing. Includes forms for booking / contact directly to email.